Murfie gets Restarted

Hi everyone, John Fenley here.

Murfie is going through a complete re-build and re-start after its abrupt shutdown in late 2019. Though progress at the new headquarters in Pine Bluff Arkansas has been slower than I think anyone would like, things are still moving forward. Please be patient while we work through the over 800,000 CDs we need to process, and build the website features that we know you’ll love.

Stay Tuned!

John Fenley

Manic Mondays Hit Murfie HQ


If your feeling like the Bangles, struggling with the manic Monday blues and live in the Madison area, why not let Murfie help take some of the load. The load, in this case, is your physical CD collection that has been sitting in your home gathering dust.

You love your music collection right! And let’s face it, you have invested plenty of your hard-earned money into it over the years,  And those CDs;  they sound so good on your home system.  But times have changed and digital formats now prevail leaving you with fewer ways to enjoy the music in your collection.  This where the Murfie team wants to help you bring the love back to your CD collection!

Murfie is offering local residents in the Madison area the chance to reclaim their CD collections by taking advantage of our Manic Monday events hosted each Monday evening throughout the fall season.

All you need to do is just show up at our HQ with your CD collection, where one of our dedicated Murfie team members will guide you through the 5 minute process of  purchasing one of our yearly subscription packages that will enable us to digitize your whole CD collection (without any additional digitization fee) so that you can join the thousands of like-minded music lovers who are once again enjoying their own personal music collections streamed in lossless CD quality (not compressed, lossy, mp3 streaming as offered by other music services) using the Murfie web player on their computer or by using our mobile phone App.

What makes Manic Mondays at Murfie such a hit for Madison residents is the huge saving in shipping and digitization costs. Residents outside of Madison pay to ship their discs to Murfie HQ and once they reach their initial free digitization cap (100 or 200 discs depending on the subscription package they choose; $99 per year for Platinum or $149 for 2 X Platinum year) then they are charged $0.20 per disc thereafter.

As an extra special bonus, Murfie is also giving away (to anyone who delivers their CD collection and joins one of the Murfie subscription plans on any upcoming Manic Monday) a free hardback copy (first come, first served, while stocks last) of the recently published book “To Feel the Music” by Neil Young and Phil Baker. The book is an insight into Neil Young’s efforts to bring a complete high-quality listening experience to all music fans, a philosophy that is shared by everyone here at Murfie!

So join us for one of the upcoming manic Monday events hosted at Murfie HQ, 821 East Washington Ave, Madison, WI, 53703 between 6 pm – 8 pm and let Murfie help you to fall in love with your music collection once again.

Upcoming Manic Monday Events

Monday 28th October, Murfie HQ (6 pm-8 pm)


Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash