About Murfie

Murfie brings your physical music into the 21st century.

The Murfie universe is built by collectors, for collectors. Our goal is to become the best-ever platform to buy, sell, and stream to your music. It all starts with our Collection to Cloud service. Send your CDs, vinyl and cassettes to our headquarters in Madison, WI, and we’ll use our HiFi equipment and software expertise to rip it all to uncompressed, lossless formats. When we’re finished, the collection that was taking up half your bookshelf will fit in your pocket and be ready to follow you wherever you go without sacrificing quality.

Stream your music on the go with our mobile apps for iOS or Android. Listen at home in lossless quality through our web player or with any Sonos, Bluesound, Autonomic, or McIntosh device. No matter where you are, the precious collection you’ve curated through the years is just a tap away.

At Murfie, we believe that going digital doesn’t have to mean sacrificing audio quality. We store CD rips in full-resolution .wav and our analog transfers stay almost perfectly true to form in 192kHz, 24-bit Hi-res. We don’t cut corners on delivery, either. All Murfie members get lossless streaming via our web player and on compatible devices. We also offer free, unlimited downloads several file formats.

Murfie also makes it easier than ever to add to or sell from your collection. Our marketplace of more than 250,000 unique titles is stocked and shopped by members just like you setting their own prices, offering up trades, and finding great deals. Every CD and vinyl record we have for sale is stored at Murfie’s secure facility, and any album you buy from another member is instantly added to your online collection. There’s a ton of other awesome features that make Murfie the best place to buy music.

For starters, you can:

  • Request physical delivery of any album you buy
  • Unpurchase any album you buy within 24 hours for full credit back to your account
  • Sell your CDs and vinyl records in a personal shop on our Marketplace
  • Trade albums with other members
  • Add albums to your Wishlist, choose a price, and select Autobuy to have us automatically buy it for you when it becomes available

One of the best parts about shopping on Murfie is that you actually own everything you buy. Forget about cyclical content availability and limitations imposed by rights deals. If you have the release, we can host it and you can stream it. You can also feel good about building equity instead of just renting.

The Murfie universe currently has over 12,000 members and an inventory of more than 900,000 discs. Every CD and vinyl record in our warehouse belongs to a Murfie member, which makes our operation extra special. When you buy another member’s album or cruise through their shop, there’s a person behind it and a physical disc to back the digital files, we think that’s pretty cool.

Our Staff

Our Madison, Wisconsin based team is located in Downtown Madison in the Spark Building. We’re a dedicated staff of dynamic music lovers, caffeine addicts, technophiles, audiophiles, geeks, de-clutterers, and music buffs who think there should be a better alternative to renting compressed streams from mass market-focused tech companies.

Murfie, founded in Madison in 2011, was an early participant in TechStars, a program considered to be among the top start-up accelerators in the world. Murfie has been featured on National Public Radio’s “All Tech Considered,” in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times Green Blog, PCWorld, as well as received mentions in Fast Company, Springwise and Daily Disruption.