Sing Forward

Sing Forward! Music Video Release & Remix Contest

Access to affordable healthcare is important.  This is particularly true for those who make sacrifices in order to follow their passions.  Musicians, artists and, more generally, solo entrepreneurs can all benefit from having reliable access to health insurance, but the options and resources available are not always well known.

Enter “Sing Forward.”

Sing Forward is a music video released today by a collective of Wisconsin musicians, including Anna Vogelzang, Myles Coyne, Shawn Pierce and many more.  The song aims to promote awareness of the options provided at and encourage musicians to protect themselves.

In addition to the video released today, Murfie is a proud sponsor of the Sing Forward Remix Contest.  Participants are encouraged to submit a remix, cover or singalong video by February 14th.

Four winners will be chosen to receive a prize package including a year of Murfie Gold, $10 in Murfie credit and prizes from other local music lovers, including concert tickets, free albums and a cash prize from Ninjas for Health.

To watch the Sing Forward video and get information on the remix contest, visit

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John Kruse

John Praw Kruse is a Wisconsin-based artist and musician. His ambient works have been used as the primary soundtrack for the independent film Geister (Germany, 2011), as well as a number of short films. He is the founder of Mine All Mine Records and the Lost City Music Festival.

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